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Thread: Only reinjecting 10% of the time when testing and .........

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    Default Only reinjecting 10% of the time when testing and .........

    I've searched around, and to my surprise it appears I'm the only person with this issue.... Every card I've got is injecting ssssllllloooowwww as heck and only injects 10% - 30% when testing injection.. The weird thing is that it's happening with every card I own:
    Ubiquiti SRC
    Ubiquiti SRX
    A few RT73's
    A few Realteks
    And even my Buffalo Airstation w/ a broadcom

    Even have Ubuntu w/ 2.6.27 (all drivers properly patched) and same thing, wtf? Anyone got any ideas? Could this be a problem with the newer kernel? *awaiting response and compiling older kernel*


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    Where is backtrack installed? Live CD, HDD or VMware? I had a similiar issue using a vmware machine, but all the system was running slow, not only injection. (Had too many services running on the host)

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    Also wouldn't hurt to rule out any outside interference; I.E. wireless phones, microwaves, tube tv's, crt monitors. Take your setup to another location and see if you have any better result. I had a similar issue when I was using BT3, but found out it was my wireless phones in the house causing interference.

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