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    Lightbulb BackTrack 4 Fluxbox Menu

    Hi all! I'm new to the new forums but no stranger to BackTrack!

    I have a question for anyone willing to help me out a little bit.

    I'm going to take on the task of creating a Fluxbox sub-menu for Backtrack. I've been doing a lot of digging around on the remote-exploit forums and on the Ubuntu forums and many others as well. Only to not much avail... I did find the menu file for Backtrack 3 in the remote-exploit forums, I don't know if it was the one made by PureH@te or another member but it's an amazing start for me. Thanks! Now, what I need is, I can go through the whole file system and make note of all the new tools and build a new menu, my only problem is I want the new menu to look exactly like the old menu but I don't know under which sub-menus to put them all. So if any has any free time to help me out, could you just reply to this post with all the new tools from BT4 under their proper specification, like in the KDE menu? As in Network Mapping> Identify Live Hosts> Nmap format? I know its pretty much asking for people to do it for me, I'm just not familiar with most of the tools as far as their purpose. If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated! Any information that could help that is!

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    addyall: If you are just trying to create a menufile for yourself then by all means go ahead. I just want you to be aware of the reason we dropped flux box. KDE and gnome and certain other window managers are what is called free desktop complaint which means they all use a tool.desktop file in their menus. This makes it very easy for a package manager to add and remove menu entries. This is not possible to do with flux box because it uses a XML type file for its menu.

    As for your second question simply modify the bt3 menu. Over half the tools are in the same sections so just add the new ones.

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    Alright, thanks a lot! I always wondered why you guys dropped Fluxbox and could never really find a clear answer besides bugs with sql program and others, so thanks for clearing that up for!

    For the record I have given up on this project of mine. I was just trying my hand at re-mastering BT4 with less demanding desktop environments and window managers. Shortly after posting here, I came across wmii and went with that as my choice and have lost all interest in fluxbox. sorry for those who were interested.
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