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Thread: BT4 final booting problem

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    Question BT4 final booting problem


    I'm new to linux but i searched forum for this issue and got no answers. I made a livecd from bt4 iso with unetbootin and it seems it's correct since it works on netbook samsung nc10 perfectly. Bot not on my netbook though.

    First strange thing is when i choose in which mode to turn on backtrack. When I check one option, system reboots and starts to bootafter second or third restart. But only in livecd mode.
    Then i get text menu and I'm already logged as root. Ok, i type startx and press enter, then i get following screen

    (sorry for that quality, i have problems with my camera right now)

    and then it goes back to the root menu. xconf doesn't work, ifconfig does.

    Netbook I'm trying to get it running is samsung's n210/n220 (the same specification) with intel gma 3150 graphic. I have all the latest drivers.

    Anyone know the solution and wants to share it with me?

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    Default Re: BT4 final booting problem

    hmm...I think you need to:

    type fixvesa at the command prompt
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    Default Re: BT4 final booting problem

    You may also want to follow this thread:

    pertaining to the Intel GMA 3150 if you only get 800x600 resolution and are trying to increase it.
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