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Thread: BackTrack3 Restarts when i try to open .cap file

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    Default BackTrack3 Restarts when i try to open .cap file

    hi so i got everything running.. wheb i get to this

    aircrack-ng -n 64 -b bssid here filename-01.cap

    i click eneter then Backtrack 3 just restarts on me??

    i am using SMC EZ Connect SMCWUSBT- Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter, 108 Mbps, everything works fine packet injections and everything but when i try to open this file every time it restarts backtrack..i have backtrack on a 700mb this a problem?? if so what can i do..and is there a way to save backtrack on a dvd blank??? someone please help im a real newb

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    my best bet is that the driver your card is using is bogus... try putting strace before your command, and quickly see what's happening before it dies... if at all possible

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