I used the commands on www(dot)psychocats(dot)net/ubuntu/puregnome on a real install of backtrack 4 to get a gnome interface. it works well, but there are a few major problems. first, the network doesnt work, even when you initialize the networking daemon. it appears dhcp got removed, and i cant seem to install it. also, i cant mount a cd because the mount points are wrong and i cant seem to change the mount settings. the third major problem is the startup. the text-based screen with all the init and the login breeze through, but right before it asks me to log in it jumps straight to the ubuntu login screen. i had to boot into an ubuntu live cd and edit the gdm.conf file just to log in. can anyone help me? i refuse to use KDE, and GNOME is really nice. I really wat to get this working. thx