Hello everyone, I have searched and searched and searched some more but I can't get my Intel 3945 to do anything.

The card will go into monitor mode, authenticate fine, but...

Whenever I try an attack with aireplay-ng, it does nothing but constantly read packets.

When I watch everyone else's videos as soon as they perform the command aireplay will read packets for like 2 seconds and find a packet for them to use for injection, however on mine it just reads up to 10000 packets and never returns one that I can use for injection.

The test shows that injection is indeed working and I'm using "mon0" just like discussed elsewhere.

I have tried everything from connecting multiple machines to the AP, being close to the AP, being far from the AP, and its still the same.

I hope this isn't a newbie question, but I'm getting frustrated and I just don't know what to do.