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Thread: Asus X83V (N80Vb) + Intel 5100 AGN + AWUS036H

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    Default Asus X83V (N80Vb) + Intel 5100 AGN + AWUS036H

    Works great with the live cd so far, with no noticable lag.
    I can connect to the net with both my internal intel 5100 agn and my external awus036H.
    Also I have successfully put my awus into mon mode.

    Worked right out the box... after i figured out how to start the network :P

    Only querk i've had is with firefox, I tend to get booted when going to certain sites...
    any ideas why?

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    Hi cynicalpsycho, I was wondering if you can share what cmd you'd used to get the 5100 AGN to connect to the internet. I've tried numerous times with network start and other methods with no success. Thanks

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    Sorry I'm a little late. I use this command to start wicd. usr/bin/start-network
    hope this help.

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