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Thread: Alfa AWUS036H internet lag:confused::confused::confused:

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    Default Alfa AWUS036H internet lag:confused::confused::confused:

    Hello everyone, lately i've been having a problem with my alfa usb adapter when used on backtrack. When i connect to my router its connects fine, but when trying to surf the net i face a terrible,unbearable lag. I am using backtrack4 final,HD installed,and the included drivers for the Alfa AWUS036H, so any suggestions and helps would be very very thankful.....

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    Default Re: Alfa AWUS036H internet lag:confused::confused::confused:

    Have you followed pureh@te's thread about properly starting networking under backtrack (or other linux distros)?

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    Default Re: Alfa AWUS036H internet lag:confused::confused::confused:

    I use the same card, and oddly today I noticed I had huge conectivity, and lag issues using backtrack. Im thinking they arose after I updated today. I didnt think much of it, and moved on with my day. I dont normally surf using BT, so I'll have to see if it becomes ongoing

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