Hi, I am using BackTrack 4 Beta with VirtualMachine on a Macbookpro using a usb D-Link DWL-G122 C1 wireless card.

I have successfully managed to crack a WEP key, but I now that I am attempting to crack another one I have run into a problem.

While cracking the WEP key for one network went well, I cannot crack my next one because it seems aireplay-ng is not displaying many of the Station Mac ID's that it was on my first successful run.

This is the process that has worked for me before:

iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor


airodump-ng --ivs -w dump --channel NUMBER wlan0

aireplay-ng -3 -b BSSID -h BASESTATION wlan0

aireplay-ng -0 wlan0 -a BSSID wlan0

aircrack-ng -0 -n 128 -f 2 FILENAME.ivs

You can see a screen shot of what I am seeing here:

As you can see there, the BSSID ending in 71:51:73 doesn't even show up at the bottom. But it was in fact showing up before.

What happened and how can I correct this?