Let me introduce myself. My name is John Le, and I am a graphic designer and artist. I do this both professionally and as a hobby. I found out about BackTrack and this site through deviantART.com, a popular art community where I post up my hobby work.

Unfortunately, I come here not feeling too pleased. And I come here with an "open letter" because this misconception needs to be cleared with the general public and the people over at dA. It has come to my attention my Dragon has been used inappropriately here. I am the original creator of the Dragon:


I've had quite a few people informing me that BackTrack is using my work. Some have gone on to say that I've ripped the Dragon from BT since it is so popular. I like to go on record that, (I have slowed down recently with my activity at dA) I was pretty popular over on deviantART back then, which probably explains why my Dragon is so popular and seen everywhere now. You guys aren't even the only Linux distro to use my Dragon (I have informed them also).

It pains me to see that people are accusing me that my artwork is ripped off someone else; the same artwork that I actually put my time, heart, and effort into. It's probably the worst feeling an artist can experience. This is where I draw the line. I ask that BT should mention my name somewhere on the product (so it leaves no doubt in the user's mind that I am the creator, and not come at me with the accusations) or take it down completely.

I'm all for the free and open-source movement. I don't make money off of my hobby work either. I do what I do because I enjoy it, and I'm sure you guys do too. But please, out of respect of others' work, do not use them without permission from their creators.

John Le a.k.a. "dragonkahn"