I've got a Dell SXPS 1340 with Dells 1515 WiFi card. Apparently, it's got a AR928X chipset, and as such, it works with ATH9K drivers.

My problem is, that the default drivers (both in Backtrack 4 as well as Ubuntu which I have installed) don't allow for injection.

I'm also getting very mixed signals regarding this chipset; on some forums people say it's not working at all, on others people say it can be done.

I've tried getting the latest Linux Wireless drivers, but there appears to be an error in the both the stable build as well as the latest tarball (happens on both Ubuntu as well as BT).

Does anyone know what to do to get packet injection working with this card? If Linux Wireless drivers DO work, which archive tarball should I download? Or perhaps is there a trick to get the latest ones working?