I just got truecrypt installed on my BT3 install and I have gone through the options and made a couple different types of file containers. Now I know from the prompts about making a strong password and all the posts of trying to brute force even a rar file that if the length is over 12 characters its going to take a while. How would I brute force a truecrypt container? Is there a specific set of tools needed for something like this. I have used rarcrack and its worked fine because I can set what characters that run against my file. I have not used anything else, nor have I cracked a hash file or .htaccess file, hence why I am asking for advice. For my test I have made two containers one AES and one Two-fish. The password is the same (open) for both containers. Search's for brute force, AES and truecrypt give me little go off of. I did see a post about JTR talking about Blowfish, MD5 and DES, but nothing about AES or the other forms that are in Truecrypt.