The live linux distro installer for USB drives available at is an easy way to get started with almost any distro of your choice. It will even download the most popular ones for you! I have installed BT4 final using this and it works great requiring no effort on my part! Now i know that may be a bad thing for a linux user but as far as I'm concerned if i can get stuff installed with the minimum effort then i can save my strenuous endeavours for other matters.

Now this set up gives you options to select for persistence and i duly went through those. But the only problem i have is ... no persistence. I installed Ubuntu using the same system and i had no problems with persistence. So I wondered if there is any kind soul out there who may have installed BT4 with persistence using Linux Live USB who can help me out.

I have already googled and searched this forum and others but haven't found the answer to my question. Thanks a lot to the BT4 guys for a tremendous distro. I'll be installing it permanently on this laptop once I have my new desktop machine built. In the meantime, I'd love to get persistence on this USB key. Be eternally grateful for any help. TYIA.