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Thread: online wpa cracker

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    Its a stupid challenge anyway. The point is to recover insecure keys and show people they need to be secured.

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    ha. I just had to dig up this here old thread... seeing this from purehate (I only saw it today...) really made me *chuckle* and immediately recalled this old thread.

    I'm 99% certain he's referring to this [FAQ]

    he's quite the commedian
    'see the fnords!'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eatme View Post
    i get this error when running on BT3. Is this script fixed ?

    sorry double post..

    Quote Originally Posted by Lincoln View Post
    Did you chmod it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Eatme View Post
    no i dont know how to do that. All i did was copy the script inside a txt file and named it .sh

    Dear Eatme, how you reached over 10 post in this forum is beyond me.
    I think you are hilarious, clearly the first time you ever used linux was when you googled hackin wep, and saw some foreign garbage about a thing called BackTrack, to which you then proceeded to download, after completion and a few failed attempts at double clicking the .iso file , you realised you had to burn the iso to a cd, which you done at 52x speed none the less, after writing 3 unbootable images to cd, you finally got it to work, . You booted it up, and choose vesa, you see a verbose bootup, for the first time ever, in which, words flew across the screen like something out of an h4x0r movie, now you really felt like Kevin Mitnick. MAY THE SOURCE BE WITH YOU, WOW, your in, hmm, what to do now, realising you didnt have a fuxin clue what to do, you booted back into winblows, at which point instead of typing the instructions, to hack wep, in notepad and saving it to your hd (that means, hard drive ) you actually wrote them on paper. Okay ive wrote every word exactly how Xploitz wrote it in that tutorial, boot up time, WOW all these words again, this is nothing like windows, im a real h4x0r now . MAY THE SOURCE BE WITH YOU, here we go, you open a shell, now your in business you actually then proceeded, to h4x your first wep signal , (well done because thats not easy, the aircrack suite is a very advanced and complicated set of tools, especially when not having to unpack and install them) realising you didnt know what to do with that weird long number that aircrack spat out at you, you had to physically write it down on your pad, and boot down, so has you could restart windows, connect to the internet, and google " wat do i do wiv da loooong numba from aircrack ", after a good hour of searching, you found out its hexidecimal, and can be inserted just has the password is, so you try it on windows................... WOW, it worked, Ive hacked a password , HAha EATME you the man, but..... what do I do with this number in linux though,..... ahhh, I see, you think to your self, whilst writing Xploits, connecting to wep turorial down, letter for letter in your book. MAY THE SOURCE BE WITH YOU, right here we go, command prompt... err i mean ermm.. shell, ifconfig ...... iwconfig..... blah blah, hmm has it worked? errrrrrr wheres the e sign for internet , oh mozilla firefox, some kind of hacking internet thing, open browser,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, kaboom google, youve done it, it works, I am a master, youve hacked a pass, and connected to net, your basically a linux guru man salut yourself now you can go around chatrooms, calling yourself a h4x0r, sweet man, properly sweet.

    Now you think you can join this kind of place, and talk shit its hillerious, Anyway just wanted to say, hope you stay you make my day.
    Sometimes I try to fit a 16-character string into an 8–byte space, on purpose.

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    Sounds like a good idea, although most people here could do it themselves, there are plenty of others that would like to use it, but probably not with the best intentions.
    I can host it for you if you want on my site, then you wouldnt have to pay for hosting, i got unlimited bandwidth and storage.

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