OK I'm not going to start a poll because polls suck but I was just wondering form the community if a online wpa cracker would be some thing that people would use.

Here is how it would work.
1. Visit web app
2. enter essid,email and upload capfile
3. pay 5 or 10 dollars with paypal ( This is simply to cover hosting and hardware. Seems reasonable to me. I would do donations but we all know no one donates much.)
4. 30 mins later you recieve a email with the results.

Results of what you may ask. Well this is simply a proof on concept tool. It would mainly be usefull to audit your own passphrase or audit a wpa network with ease while on a pentest. The point being if you were on a audit you could simply upload a cap file and have it run against a password list and retrieve the results fairly quickly. Something that would take you 1 week at your office could be quickly done with a web app.

My idea is to use a list of 150 million passwords primarily English which takes approximately 25 mins to complete. Now the recovery rate of passwords may not be that high and you would have to accept the terms of service which say there is no guarantee.

My theory is if your passphrase can make it through 150 million passphrases then you can consider in secure. I would apprciate some comments on this idea either way. Dont be afraid to tell me your real opinion and hurt my feelings if neeb be