Hello ladies and gents,

A long time i was struggling with Backtrack on my Acer Aspire 5720. Still its far from perfect but i am able to boot Backtrack (this is the main problem) and use the network (wireless) facilities.

So if you problem is:
-Cant boot backtrack on my Acer Aspire 5720
-Can boot backtrack with "nohotplug" but doesn't have network facilities

This is hopefully your solution:
1. Insert the Backtrack cd (or USB) in your system.
2. Choose "Backtrack with KDE"
3. Press "tab"
4. Add "nohotplug" to the boot parameters
5. Wait until backtrack is booted up and login.
6. Enter the following commands to startup your KDE environment:
   - "udevd --deamon"
   - "udevtrigger --subsystem-nomatch=pci"
   - "startx"
7. Enter the following command in your console to setup your network
adapter (wireless)
   - "modprob ipwraw"
Off course all the commands are without the quotes!

I hope this solution works.

And remember: If you want to buy a good system and like using Linux. Or like to install (i don't know why) a OS from Microsoft. Do Not Buy an Acer.