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Thread: Problem piping JTR to aircrack-ng...

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    Default Problem piping JTR to aircrack-ng...

    Not sure if i'm doing something wrong or if this is a bug but when piping JTR to aircrack-ng with BT4 beta:

    john --incremental=alnum --stdout | aircrack-ng -b <AP Mac> -w - /root/dump-01.cap

    aircrack-ng starts then locks up with 0 seconds run time, 20 keys tested and on Current Passphrase: --session=NAME

    Am I doing something wrong or does this appear to be a software issue? Thanks!

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    Default What is JTR for in this case?


    I was casually browsing the forums... when i saw your post. Although i don;t have the answer to your question... please could you tell me moer about why/what you are piping?

    Aircrack cracks WPA/WEP passwords given a dictionary etc...

    So why involve JTR?

    Don;t get me wrong... i;m not being negative about what you are doing... I just really want to know more about what it is you ARE doing... most likley i can learn something from it.


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    He's trying to pipe a brute force alphanumeric password attack as a "streaming dictionary" into aircrack without having to create the dictionary beforehand.

    I think something's up with jtr. When I try just the jtr part of the command, I get instrcution list regurgitated back to me as if the command structure was wrong. Then, after that happens anytime I try to type "exit" in the console session, it echoes "exit" back to me, but never quits the session.

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    Default Jtr

    I've noticed 2 instances when JTR freezes if this is still an issue...

    1) if you run it with sudo it prompts for password sometimes it doesn't ask just sits waiting for you to enter the password. try this and press enter.

    2) running as root I found it freezes unless you run it from the /pentesting/passwords/jtr dir using ./john --incremental=all --stdout

    Hope the above helps anyone who comes across this. I know the problem is a couple of months old now but I only found backtrack last week and thought i'd stick in my 2c

    Happy hunting.

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