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Thread: [Fix] mdk3-v5 compiling with gcc-4.3

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    Default [Fix] mdk3-v5 compiling with gcc-4.3

    I know this has been covered in a couple of threads.
    But the solution was more of a workaround with gcc-4.2 then an actual fix. Mdk3 uses some code from aircrack-ng in the osdep directory, so I used some of that code for linux.c and just updated the file. Additionally there were some innocuous warnings from the printf() statements in mdk3.c. eg.:
    mdk3.c:3348: warning: format not a string literal and no format arguments
    mdk3.c:3364: warning: format not a string literal and no format arguments
    The following is a patch to compile mdk3-v5 with gcc-4.3.

    First, download the code and unpack it.
    # wget
    # tar -jxf mdk3-v5.tar.bz2
    # cd mdk3-v5
    Now, open up your favorite text editor and create a file called mdk3-v5-gcc-4.3.diff.
    # nano mdk3-v5-gcc-4.3.diff
    Paste the following code from into mdk3-v5-gcc-4.3.diff. The text box near the bottom of the page can be used to easily copy and paste the patch code. Save mdk3-v5-gcc-4.3.diff in the current working directory which should be the mdk3-v5 directory.
    Now patch, compile and install mdk3.
    # patch -p1 < mdk3-v5-gcc-4.3.diff
    # make
    # make install

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    I see this post is old but, anyone notice the gibberish the bruteforce mode generates? ie: your SSID length is 3, yet MDK is on a roll with "dfhkxc24 &&#"

    Well I have a small fix, below line 3448: (add the function on line 3449) add the following to mdk3.c,

    memset(brute_ssid, '\0', 256);

    load up wireshark, you will see your bruteforce now normalized and not filled with garbage, same for the output.

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    This is the first I've seen this thread.

    This "fix" is useless, there's nothing that needs to be fixed, the source code for mdk3 is absolutely fine.

    The only problem with mdk3 is the makefile that's distributed with it, in that it treats warnings as errors. The latest version of GCC contains more warnings than previous versions, and because the makefile is set to treat warnings as errors, the compilation is failing.

    The solution is to fix the makefile, simple as. You just remove the compiler flag that says "Treat warnings as errors".
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