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Thread: Where do I need to go now...?

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    Default Where do I need to go now...?

    Sorry for the lame title, but its not really a question of how do I do this or I got a error message. I really don't know what to read up on next and start trying. I have a older router (befw11s4 v2) so all I can try is wep. Worked fine with all the tutorials on the board. I hope to get a new router soon that supports wpa so I can figure out the other tutorials but that is another story. I have wifizoo running fine, I am seeing my cookies and search's from my connections. I got BT3 working in VMware and got my usb drive to work correctly, saves all changes. Logged on to my network (with user and pass) and accessed my files. Now what? The tool list of BT3 is very extensive and most of the request's I read now and understand are for wep, wpa or pass crackers. Since I have some of the basics down do I start at port scanning of the network or one of my machines? Try to pull the hash and run through JTR? Do I go straight to metasploit? I mean the list could go on forever and I am sure I am boring you all right now so I will stop. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful. On a side note I have extra computers to work on if I need a box that doesn't have the most current updates or newer hardware.

    Also, for someone as new to BackTrack as I am, are the De-ice cd's a option for learning now or should I hold off.


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    if you can afford it, go for the Offensive Security training. Meaning, the creators of BackTrack have created these amazing videos and are offering you a lab environment to test your skills, safely, on multiple operating systems. You will be provided with guidelines, exersises, etc. It costs about 700$ if I can remember correctly, you better head on to offensive security's web site.

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    You can do a million different things. It all depends on what your goals are.
    If you want to learn about databases then go and learn about them. If you want to learn forensics then read away. The point is you should define your goals a little more clearly.
    Also as far as the de-ice cd's as has been stated before, they are a good asset to learn from. There is plenty of support if needed. Also have a look at damn vulnerable linux. If you need help with them then report back.
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