Hey guys, after hours and hours of researching on the internet and forums, I'm lost. It's time to post!

I have my netbook I'm using for some pentesting. I capture the WPA hadshake and would like to attemp to crack the password. I run JTR thru aircrack, it only runs about 100 keys a second. Takes to long to get anywhere. I put it on my friends laptop and it was running about 1200 keys a second.

My question is, I have a Macbook Pro. How in the world can I run Backtrack 4 on there and save the .cap handshake to run it in Backtrack 4 to let John the Ripper keep running faster. How in the world can I do that??

I tried running BT4 in VMware and saving the file to a flash drive but I can't bring the file into BT. Ideally I'd like to run BT4 natively. Can I run from a DVD? When I try the my Mac won't boot.

Anyways, to sum it up. How can I save files run in BackTrack 4 on my Netbook to run in Backtrack 4 on my Macbook Pro, and how can I run BackTrack 4 on my Macbook Pro!?! Thanks!!