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Thread: my own test rt2871,rt2870,zd1211b,rtl8187b,rtl8187l

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    Default my own test rt2871,rt2870,zd1211b,rtl8187b,rtl8187l

    hawking HWU8DD revB with chipset zd1211b work perfect with Backtrack 4 dont need any extra patches. if you wish you can remove dish and connect more powerfull antenna. Inside adapter is antenna connector.
    injection and handshake with this adapter work straight away out of the box.

    zyxel g-202 adapter with chipset zd1211b also work out of the box no need for any patches or drivers with Backtrack 4 very easy to get injection and handshake also if you wish you can add external antenna but if little more difficult than HWU8DD

    netgear wg111v2 chipset rtl8187l propobly everyone know that this adapter will work with backtrack 4 no need for extra patches or drivers but one thing is G adapter

    netgear wg111v3 chipset rtl8187b I didn't really tested this adapter but I know that injection with Backtrack 4 work dont know about handshake.

    belkin F5D9050B chipset rt2671 will work with Backtrack 4 out of the box.No problem with Injection or handshake. This is my favorite adapter good signal range G+MIMO No need for extra patches or drivers and generally is cheap around 20£.
    I did add external antenna connector to this adapter +12M usb repeater cable + booster 1000Mw + 16dBi directional antenna.
    also I have modificated driver for this adapter generally because I use very long usb cable.
    what I did was max usb power is 500Mw from laptop
    before you install driver change max power output 500Mw (default with this driver is 100mW) also default power use 400mW.
    after this all I did connect my Laptop aspire 5735 and and I got around 80AP's . generally is no need for all this modifications. just if you want try it.

    people wrote lot about Alfa adapter I didn't really tested this adapter but I know is G and is big and have zd1211b chipset. I don't think Alfa is better adapter than belkin F5D9050B.

    if you looking for 500mW adapter you don't need 500mW alfa just change driver parameters for your own adapter.

    Last tested adapter was Belkin F5D9051 chipset rt2870 someone set that you can make work this chipset after add parameters of this adapter to rt73 driver or rt2570 driver after you add this adapter driver will recognise this adapter but will not work definitly.
    another version was that someone made own driver for Linksys with rt2870 I tested this driver with Backtrack 4 and 3 and this driver definitlly is not working.also if you use ralink driver you can connect to the internet but no injection.I have tried few modifications but til now I didn't make this adapter work


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    look for my driver that i wrote for the linksys with the rt2870 chipset. the Hirte (or nemesis for the linksys devID) driver that worked in BT3 doesnt work in BT4 due to changes in the kill_proc() function in the linux kernel. I've updated the hirte driver to work with 2.6.28 and it works just fine. search rt2870 and you'll find the thread with a link to the driver. if you try that and it still does not work then be sure to add your device ID to include/rt2870.h (or post it and i'll add it for you, dont do this unless you are confident in C++ otherwise you'll cause more problems in make :P )

    to get your device id simply type lsusb at the terminal

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