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Thread: Couple of questions fro BackTrack... Need Help

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    Default Couple of questions fro BackTrack... Need Help


    I have couple of questions:

    1)I'm wondering if i can use the intel wireless 3945BG (Built in) with Backtrack 2 or 3... and How to do that ??

    2) Does BackTrack 3(the cd image) is for live cd ??

    3) If i want to crack WPA2, and for sure it does need worldlist... So, how can i use the worldList with the live cd ?? where can i stored them ?? or doe sthe backTrack come with a built in worldList ??

    Thanks in advance

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    1. Check this page for information on that chipset hllp://

    2. Yes, its a fully live cd. You just boot from it and runs in your ram.

    3. Any wordlist you get from the internet will can be stored on the ram for that session but you restart and its gone. Best way to keep it would be to either A) Burn it to another disk if you have two cd drives B) Have a USB flash drive to store them on


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