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Thread: installing more than 3 operating system

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    Unhappy installing more than 3 operating system

    hi every one i am new to this forum and also this is my first post to this forum,so if there is some mistake or stupidity in my post please forgive me.
    Actually i am stuck in strange problem,i want to install more than 3 operating system om my laptop,but i have heard that you need primary part ion on your disk to install operating system onto,but problem arise here only actually we can made max 3 primary and one extended partion,
    so if i use 3rd party boot loader for it,but what about partion?
    actually iam interested in installing window vista,ubuntu Linux,backtrack3 and solaris.

    so any solution to this problem?

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    have you thought about just virtualizing? seems like you would be going through a lot of trouble just getting everything set up.

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    I have had 5 OS's on my laptop at one time. But the key to this is planning your partitioning for all your OS's before you even install one because you will come to this problem.

    I thought the max primary partitions was 4 but anyways you have to delete 1 and then add in a Logical partition from there you can add more than 3 (4?) partitions by adding them INSIDE the logical partition. I don't know what you are using to partition but GParted does this just fine!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vishal.ecb2005 View Post
    so any solution to this problem?
    This tutorial is for triple booting ubuntu/vista/bt.
    It should provide enough resources to help get you started.
    As for partitions and multi-booting read here to gather more info.
    Let us know how you get on.
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