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Thread: I ave a problem when trying to make a USB version of BackTrack 3

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    Default I ave a problem when trying to make a USB version of BackTrack 3

    I posted in another forum for help on this but no one can help me, I thought I'd be able to et more help here...

    My Question:
    (These are my posts)
    Quote Originally Posted by Me
    I got BT3 and it was the CD image... I burned it to a DVD and it doesn't let me load either of the possible ways to run it... I don't think there would be any difference because it was a DVD instead of CD but would it?
    Quote Originally Posted by Me
    Okay, so I managed to get it on my Pen Drive... But when I run bootinst I get an error:

    Exception Processing Message 0xc0000013 Parameters 0x757492A0 0x00000004 0x797492A0 0x797492A0
    This comes up loads of times... Then when I catually get to be able to control the batch file I get these:

    Setting up boot record for H:, wait please...
    Accessing physical drive: Access is denied.
    Did not successfully update the MBR; continuing...
    Disk H: should be bootable now. Installation finished.
    Read the information above and then press any key to exit...

    It says the access is denied, I assume this has to do with the error message...
    Any way to stop it/fix it?

    I tried to boot from the Pen Drive to test it anyway and I got to the menu to select what way to boot... It loads "vmlinuz" and "initrd.gz" then a blank screen appears and my PC hangs...

    I also assume this is tied with the error messages...

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    yes I believe there is a difference between the dvd and cd image.

    As for the bootinst file, I got the same error but I thought i'd give it a try and it seemed to work although I have problems with video drivers. I believe you may have the same problem. I don't really know how to get the drivers to work as I tried to add the .lzm file to the module but it stopped the modules from loading thus stopping backtrack from starting.

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    Why not download the USB version, since you are putting it on a USB drive?

    Then of course follow this http://backtrack.offensive-security....to_a_USB_stick


    However about your error, I would format the thumb drive and double check you don't have any other devices (media slots, card readers, etc) fighting for that drive letter either.

    Also, if you want just a quick fix and dont really mind to found out what the issue is - you could try running the boot script from another machine if you have one available.
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