Hi guys, Im having a very hard time searching for having this issue solved and I badly need some help. So here is the scenario.

I wanted to have Backtrack 3 a DVD bootable. I already have a Backtrack 3 ISO and successfully burned it to a CD and it successfully booted on my Desktop with no hassle but I needed the Backtrack 3 to be bootable on my TOSHIBA Satellite L20 Laptop and that Old Laptop of mine could no longer read a CD and can only read DVD's.... sad to say but I already attempted different kinds of ISO burner such as DEEPBURNER, NERO, just to name a few but its not working..

I also tried copying the entire content of the BACKTRACK 3 CD and burn it on DVD but it will not boot up.


I love using Backtrack 3 Live CD capability to remove VIRUSES that infect my USB Flash drive and Im much secured surfing the net using Live CD.

Thanks in advance