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    Default Metasploit

    I had watched a video on milw0rm. His metasploit have MS09 (IE7) but my metasploit haven't that bug althought i have updated more times.
    Please tell me why. Thank you

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    Wrong section. Please try to read and pay attention next time to where you post. Moved.

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    Well search for it on milw0rm and add it manually.
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    As KMDave either that, or you're simply not just SVN UPDATE 'd

    The problem is the developer team is in a dilemma sometime when new modules are created
    if they're not under the open source license (they take it serious). Though they can't
    possibly know all modules that are out there thus, the modules from other sites might
    be poorly coded or not be stable enough to be included.

    F.ex. if it only works on Russian Windows XP SP 1 and there's is no info on how to get the opcodes,
    then A) It might not be included (however there might be a better substitute) or B) They
    will have to work out the opcodes first.

    Metasploit is great and porting exploits to MSF is a great way to contribute if you're good at that
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