Runing BT4Beta from a usb stick. I load the ath9k driver and start airmon-ng on wlan0, so far no problem but when I tried aireplay-ng -3 it freezes ,NumLock and CapsLock led blinking and the laptop just freeze. I already had ubuntu installed on my laptop so I had to update to Ubuntu intrepid 8.10 and kernel 2.6.27-14 (because it has the ath9k drivers). And I had the same problem when trying to inject packages. Finally I downloaded the latest compat-wireless package from installed following the instructions from the readme file and it doesn't freeze anymore, and aparently injection works (tried with aireplay-ng --test mon0).

So I guess you can install the latest compat-wireless in BT4Beta if you have it installed in your pc or just wait for the stable version with the new wireless drivers.

"Hope this have been informative for you, and thank you for reading"