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    Default help

    i have anonymous access to my site and i want to edit by that account so is it possible and how can i cllose the anonymous login
    plz help me

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    What? That was very hard to understand, although I do think a got the point.
    Study this link. Trust me when saying that asking questions the right way is a skill that will help yourself greatly throughout your entire life.
    This is a guide on how to do so on the internet:

    But anyway What FTP daemon are you using? The answer to your question depends on which one you are using. Denying anonymous access should be easy enough. But regarding .... wait.. now I'm confused. You have anonymous access, want to change the anonymous user rights, and disabling the anonymous login at the same time? Meh me wasting my time :P
    - Poul Wittig

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    I belive he has a hosting account with an anonymous user set up.

    Contact your hosting provider and let them know you don't want to allow anonymous users. Done.

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