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Thread: need help with backtrack 3

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    Default need help with backtrack 3

    hello there...

    iam a noob linux
    iam in the begining of my studies in this enviroment..
    i do not have already install linux..
    but i boot backtrack 3 with a cd..
    i have already crack my own wireless..but i have some questions...
    every time i write the pakets to a file....(wep.cap)
    when i restart the computer i can not find it...
    can i do something to save it to my computer?
    i need to save also the steps that i follow when i try to crack the wep(mine) i print screen the things that i want t o save.. but i can not find them later when i log in after a while...
    how can i save all of this things..
    sorry for the noob question

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    To save all these files permanently to your hard drive you will need to install Backtrack 3 to your hard drive. Everything that it writes to the hard drive is just temp in the ram and as you know gets erased on a restart.

    There is also some alternative methods such as installing to USB or just saving the files you want onto a USB drive.

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