Specifics: Netgear MA101 rev B, using BT3

I have tried to follow this tut as best I can with no success: atmelwlandriver.sourceforge.net/howto/howto.html#toc2: I'm not even sure if this is applicable to BT3 but I've been trying to search around for some answers. I don't think it will work because of some of the requirements to reboot, which would definitely be a problem considering I'm using a live CD; also many of the modifications to certain files are absent in BT or so I think.

I have also tried configuring it using network.sh but also with no success. When I try to test the connection I get a failure.

I'm really stumped on this, I have checked around and this card should work with BT3, has anyone had any success? I'm trying to be as specific as possible, I've been reading on the forums and have seen that this is a annoyance for the mods, but I haven't really been able to find a definitive solution. Please note: I will do the research, I'm not looking to be breast fed I'm asking for a nudge in the right direction. Your help is respectfully appreciated.