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Thread: BT4 Beta USB Life Expectancy

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    Default BT4 Beta USB Life Expectancy

    Just curious to know what the life expectancy of a BT4 beta USB installation with persistent changes should be? I know some NAND flash will sustain up to one million read/writes, but how intensive is such a BT4 beta installation on flash memory?

    Though flash memory is cheap these days and a new installation can be easily adapted to a new flash drive, I would like to retain a single installation for as long as I could without suffering data loss or corruption. What I do now is simply backup my needed data to a permanent location just in case one day the installation decides to stop working.

    I also run a BT3 Final installation on a solid state IDE drive in my laptop and have yet to experience any form of data loss, corruption or bad sectors and that installation has been utilized for roughly 8 months now. Though the solid state drive does utilize wear leveling, which I am uncertain if my particular (or any for that fact) USB device utilizes which would sustain the installation on it for a greater length of time.

    Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas?

    Thank you.

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    Usb drives use wear leveling as well. I wouldn't put a swap file or partition on one though. I've been playing around with operating systems on flash drives for a few years now and haven't seen one die yet.
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    I've had one die, but I also used fairly well. I just got myself one of these - they are fairly cheep and only needs 1 usb cable, no external power.
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