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Thread: Ettercap problem on vmw

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    Default Ettercap problem on vmw

    Im running BT4 on a vmw box. The network connection i bridged to my Intel 4965AGN wireless card. This all works like a charm! But in ettercap i stumple upon a small problem. When i scan for active hosts it only shows my vmw "host" and nothing else. There should be plenty of active hosts and a bunch of access points running but i cant seem to find them. When using "Autoscan Network" i can see 'em all. I thought about using a tool for creating a list of all hosts and then loading this list with ettercap? Could this solve it or do you have a better solution...

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    make sure the networking in your vm is set up as nat or bridged and not private or isolated. Also, make sure you see them using kismet or airodump-ng, before trying ettercap, finally, check what is happening in wireshark when you run ettercap and it sends it's probes.

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