For those of you who don't know what I'm doing, rather than explaining it all,feel free to check out this thread:

In a nutshell, I am attempting to set up a nirtual network using VMWare Workstation. I have one server running Windows Server 2k3 R2 and one Client running XP Home Sp3.

Now in order for me to properly administer my network, I believe I need to set up both computers to access the internet, I have the server set up to be a DHCP server, to assign an Ip to the other VM.

according to a guide I found online and a friend's instructions, both machine's need to be setup to use bridged networking, and I have turned this on, but with this setting, neither computer has internet access. Normally that would not be a problem except I'm specifically trying to set up a DHCP server.

Now, what I'm thinking is that I need to set up the server to use either bridged networking or NAT to get it's IP and then I need to figure out how to put the second machine on the first Machine's network(I'll be working on that after I get this issue fixed, don't worry about it, unless you would like to share some ideas, they would be appreciated), so it can assign that computer an IP. i think I have to be careful, because I do not want VMWare to assign the IP.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.