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Thread: WiFi works....Ethernet dont :(

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    Unhappy WiFi works....Ethernet dont :(

    Hello everyone, this is my first post...
    I am new to backtrack. I have downloaded both 3 and 4Beta. I can get both installed and running fine with USB sticks.

    I am having a problem with making a Internet connection using backtrack 4.

    With Backtrack 3, I can see my wireless, connect to wireless and browse. I can use my Ethernet connected to my router and connect and browse fine.

    With Backtrack 4 Beta I cannot connect to the Internet when connected via Ethernet. I can see my wlan0 with the airmon-ng commands and i can enable/disable monitoring modes. I cannot find anywhere to enter wireless information to make a wireless connection either.

    My biggest problem is with the Ethernet, I can live with no wireless but is there something that I need to do to actively allow Backtrack 4 to notice my Ethernet device?

    When connected via Ethernet, Link lights on router/computer are active in Backtrack 3 but not backtrack 4, it seems like something was missed during boot and I feel I have to tell it to do something but I am not sure of the proper commands.

    As a bonus any additional info on why the wireless wont connect or why i cant find a network manager like in backtrack 3 would be great info.

    Thanks for your help and I hope I dont make this seem like a stupid or repetitive question.

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    This may help

    cant put the full url or make it clicky as i dont have enough post

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