Hello all,
well after years of hearing my friends say I should check out linux, I looked into and found something that interested me, which was the backtrack OS. I have never used linux, and I have downloaded the backtrack 4 beta version. I have a laptop that I'm sure meets the minimum requirements, it's a Acer Aspire One. I got windows xp on this, but from what I have read, I should be able to make a bootable usb device to run the linux OS on.

Wel to my frist question, where do I start reading to learn how to install onto a usb device, and configue it to work with my wireless card/wired connection for this laptop
second question:with the display on the Aspire One, will it work correctly with back track 4 beta, or do I need to find another laptop for use?
And the last question, where do I look for learning on how to use linux, from what I've seen, it reminds me of dos commands... and I know you can customize the hell out of it.