Hi everyone,

I've trying to increase my knowledge of network penetration to keep my network secure and so far these are the things I have done:

WEP hack, WPA hack then crack with GPU acceleration, ARP poisoning to sniff out passwords, Passive URL sniffing

However I'm interested to see what I can do further with my network, e.g:

1. Brute force my router password
2. Gain access to files on my computer network: password protected shared file (I've got WinXP, Win7, OSX, Ubuntu server connected)? Would this involve a way of obtaining an LM hash and then bruteforcing it? Something like ophcrack
3. Backdoors to gain access to all my files (not just the password protected shared ones)
4. Hack my homegroup.

I would really appreciate some keywords that I can use to search these forums and google.