I've been lurking, stalking, sometimes peeping in on the forums for quite a while, reading and learning things on my own trying not to post unnecessary threads, and of course using the search function but I cannot figure out what is wrong for the life of me so I turn to you more knowledgeable members for help on this. So here's the hang-up:

I get to the point where ettercap displays the following which makes it seem everything is working perfectly:

dns_spoof: [msn.c*m] spoofed to []

But the victim still sees the MSN website and not Google (

I've tried this on several different computers but it does not re-route even though ettercap informs me that it has. ...Except for Windows Mobile. Ettercap does not inform me that it's spoofing any dns requests from the WinMo device.

Using a different IP (can't remember which), at one point the victim was semi-successfully redirected, in that the victim was redirected away from MSN but did not load the webpage I was redirecting to. Which brings me to my next question - determining a website's IP address.

I've been using the ping command to do so, but putting that IP into the address bar does not always bring up the website. Perhaps somebody can enlighten me on this?

Thats all, for now.

Thank you in advance and be nice.