So I'm trying to follow the old measure twice, cut once proverb with my next BT4 installation. Normally, I use VMWare or a small 8gb usb thumbdrive for BT, but I would like something with more storage capacity yet still mobile for this installation.

I have a 500GB USB HD which has a very small footprint. I plan on doing a USB bootable install, but I don't want the whole drive to be just for BackTrack. My thought was to use maybe 10 or 20GB for the BT4 install and then make the rest of the drive a large fat32 file system so I could mount it from virtually any computer I happen to be near. I could also mount the same file system from withing BT4 after it boots if needed. This way I can store various data on the remainder of the drive (ie, dictionary files, rainbow tables, database client install media, scripts (perl, python, ruby, powershell, T-SQL, PL/SQL), etc).

So with the above in mind, how would you lay out the drive partitions. My concern is either making the BT partitions too large and wasting space, or too small and loosing BT functionality (like not having enough room for Nessus logs).

So if you have some experience using BackTrack on a USB drive and have an opinion on an efficient way to layout the disk I'm very interested in hearing it.

Thank you.