so I installed a windows xp sp2 on a virtualbox with bridge networking and I installed a freeftpd 1.0.11
when I try to connect (from bt3) to the ftp site and insert user+pass set up in freeftpd it gets stuck:
220 Hello, I'm freeFTPd 1.0
Name ( test
but when I try to connect from a different machine it works and it logs in without a problem
as a side note this thing also happens with netcat - i dont receive anything from (the xp on virtualbox) but from another machine (than bt3 - the virtualbox host) it works

its pretty annoying since I can not perform the most basic fuzzing from backtrack

what do you think about this ?

later edit: i've successfully connected to another ftp site ... it sounds like a host <> guest virtualbox issue ?

here is what happens when sniffing traffic with wireshark

the tcp handshake is complete, ftp banner is sent but then (bt3 - vbox host) should send the USER test to (XP - vbox guest)
as you can see in the image is sending that request to x.y.35.143

am I too stupid to figure out?