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Thread: Why wlan0 Link encap:ethernet?

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    Default Why wlan0 Link encap:ethernet?

    Hello together,

    I have a Backtrack LiveDVD and it all works fine.
    I tried a D-LINK DWL-G122 and a DIGITUS DN-700.. usb wlan stick.
    I typed "ifconfig wlan0 up" OK.
    Then "ifconfig" --> and there is wlan0 with Link encap:ETHERNET and some mac adress
    and wmaster0 with Link encap: UNSPEC

    What does this mean??I can`t find anything in airodump-ng but in Kismet i can...
    Thanks for help


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    BT4 has a newer kernel that uses the mac80211 wireless driver. Go READ more about it, especially the paragraph titled "The master device wmaster0" and your question should be answered.

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