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Thread: studio xps 1340 doesn't detect internal wireless card

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    the title says it all.

    just for reference, bt 3 final doesn't work on this laptop, and this is the studio xps 1340 model with the upgraded graphics card (it has 2 gpus). The wireless just doesn't seem to be recognized at all.

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    this might be your issue with the BT3 if your BIOS is set up for ACHI type harddrive in stead of IDE then AHCI is fully supported out of the box the Linux operating system from kernel 2.6.19 I read on google report. I know my 1330 is set up as achi and BT3 didnt work but Bt4 did. im not sure what version kernel BT3 is.

    what ever you do DONT switch from ACHI to IDE or you crash your system. what you would have to do is backup all your data. then change to IDE then REINSTALL windows and restore your stuff. but its not worth the hassle.–-benchmark-advantage/

    also i noticed that winXP does not support ACHI right from the new install. you have to load the ACHI driver during the install but what i did was used NLITE free software to recreate a ISO of my win XP cd with the driver loaded as well as my KEY loaded. so incase mine ever failed i had a CD that would auto load the driver.

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