Each of the forums here has a sticky thread inside that describes the type of posts that belong in that forum. Be sure to read these before posting so your post ends up in the correct place. If you see a thread with a question similar to yours which has not received an answer that helps you, you can ask the question there, but make sure that your post is appropriate for that thread AND the forum it sits within, otherwise your post may be considered to be a thread hijacking and could be moved by a moderator.

When you post make sure you include sufficient details about your problem. What error messages did you get? What commands did you use? What have you tried to fix your problem already. What search strings did you use when looking for an answer? If you used a guide, which one did you use? Be specific.

This point may seem obvious, but make sure that your question is actually phrased as a question, and that its clear what type of information or assistance you require from people who might be responding to your post.

The better your question is, the better the answers you will receive.