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Thread: Forwarding IP, iptables & Ettercap

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    Question Forwarding IP, iptables & Ettercap

    I am a happy Backtrack user. After my first encounter with Backtrack 3, I was completely hooked. Now I am using Backtrack 4 and i hit a brick wall with my problem.

    Ok I have a difficult problem and can't seem to find the problem. I have an Asus F5 with a network adapter using the SIS190 driver. In BT3 needed a workaround for this driver to work. (Recompiling SIS190.ko)

    Anyway, now i am using BT4, i have a dual boot with Vista. For some reason the network card was showing up as eth0, but there was no traffic. After some reading on the internet i had to lower my mtu to 1472 in order to make it work. Finally, i was online....

    Next thing is trying ettercap. I wanted to perform the well-known mitm attack as a test on my network. In Backtrack 3 i used the steps below, so i did the same in the new one. In order to do that i had to:

    - change etter.conf (Uncommenting iptables)
    - enable ip_forward (echo 1 > proc..... ip_forward)
    - start ettercap and perform mitm attack

    After i done this, it didn't work.

    The first i noticed was that iptables didn't work properly. An error message showed up after exiting ettercap, saying i didn't have the rights to use iptables. After i changed the rights of iptables, i didn't get these messages anymore.

    The only thing i noticed was that the iptables were not changed after I started ettercap. Also, with the new drivers, if i use ifconfig, i see that IPv6 is also enabled. Does this have anything to do with it?

    What am i doing wrong? If someone can explain to me any missing steps? This is my first post, hopefully i am in the right board...

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    Anyone has this same problem?

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