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Thread: Asus A6Vm - fn keys + mouse touch pad

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    Default Asus A6Vm - fn keys + mouse touch pad

    hello everybody,
    i didnt know exactly where to place this topic

    i just finished installing bt3 final on my laptop (an Asus A6Vm)
    everything works great but two things

    i think there are 3-4 hours passed since I am trying to find out how to make fn key + vol up /down/mute + suspend to work
    and how to make the mouse touch pad launch a middle button when i press two fingers on the pad

    notice that fn + brightness up/down/lcd off/on works

    can I hear someone's opinion ?

    thanks a million

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    did you ever get any info on this?

    I cannot get the brightness to work and my eyes are killing me!

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    the brightness works on my side ... I had problems with the volume, but I've assigned a keyboard shortcut in the control center

    i believe that the fn key is not inlcluded in the keyboards offsets precompiled in bt3's kernel ...

    although I've made a quick search and havent found anything ... try to search something about brightness in the keyboard shortcuts under accesibilty/control center

    good luck

    later edit:

    i've done a little search and I found this:
    it worths 10-15 minutes of reading

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