We have so many questions that are asked about back|track over and over without searching, we have decided to add this section to the forum so as Moderators and Administrators can add any that they feel are asked too many times.
We will not be moving posts here, but we will make a post on a topic if we feel it is warranted (Sorry but we are not taking suggestions for additions at this time).

If you make a thread asking a question that is covered by one or more of the topics contained here, don't be surprised if that thread gets deleted and you get an infraction.

There are also many questions that people often have about the forums, it's rules and how they are run. We will also be answering a few of those here as well.

Please don't attempt to make a thread or reply to a post here as it is limited to Moderators and Administrators at this time.

We hope this will help reduce the quantity of redundant posts as well as answer a lot of your questions.