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Thread: eeepc 1000h with ralink

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    Default eeepc 1000h with ralink

    after searching the forum and not founding any related topic , i'm now going to post my question here.
    i've got a asus eee pc 1000h with the ralink 2860chip , but only monitoring working. injection isnt working jet. i found at the backtrack page the following

    Eee PC users with Ralink chipset (namely RT2860) may not have full monitor and injection support. The drivers maybe available from Ralink website.

    does it mean if i manage it to install the drivers form the ralink page that the injection ist going to work?
    have i do any further patching?
    if yes , can u give me an hint which driver i can take?

    thank you for your help


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    RT2860 can't inject, yet.Only monitor mode works.
    You can find drivers for RT2860 (station mode only):
    hxxp:// w w w
    hxxp:// w w w
    Those drivers works very well with BT3final, BT4beta and BT4PF.
    You can also check here: (Future AP mode and injection)
    hxxp : //
    To test them (serialmonkey) you must recompile your kernel.

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