The Asus eeepc 1000HE boots with no errors and KDE loads with the proper resolution. WiFi does not work 'out of the box', but there is a simple fix described below. The brightness function (Fn) keys still work, as do the pgup, pgdwn, home, end, numlock and scrlock keys. None of the silver hotkeys work, and the 1000HE is not supported by any of the current eeepc utilities.

Wifi fix

Download the latest wireless package from to your /root directory then extract them with :

tar jxvf compat-wireless-2.6.tar.bz2
Use cd to enter the directory it creates (the directory will be named depending on the date of the download) and run:

This might take a while, depending on your system. Feel free to grab a bagel. I saw some errors relating to the broadcom drivers, but that doesn't affect this model. When it's finished run:

make install
This should be a bit quicker. Once that's finished you will be prompted to run the unloading tool to get rid of the old modules. Do it.

make unload
This will clear the way for the new modules. To load them, run:

modprobe ath9k
You should now see a device called wlan0 when you run iwconfig. This has been tested and works with injection and regular managed mode. For those with hard drive installs who don't want to worry about running modprobe every time they boot do:

echo ath9k >> /etc/modules