Hey folks,

since this is my first post in here: Hi!

I hope you can help me. Iīve set up a pretty vulnerable XP SP0 with VMWare to help a friend with the basics of pentesting. In the past Iīve used an old PC with the same XP on it, but since this one has gone "in flames" I needed to take this way.
My VMWare Workstation ist working and up, but i canīt find the virtual machine with nmap and similar tools on my Backtrack machine. Since itīs the first time that Iīm using VMWare I donīt know which preferences to set or change in order to get it working. Actually Iīm running itīs network in NAT mode. My virtual Windows is able to connect to the net, but, as I said, I canīt find it.
Just to sum up things a little bit:

1 PC with VMWare hosting a XP Service Pack 0 which I canīt find with
1 machine running Backtrack connected to the same LAN

I even exploited my Lexmark wlan-printer, which tells me that things arenīt going wrong on my backtrack-machine.

Looking forward to any helping comment,