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Thread: changing monitor hz

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    Default changing monitor hz

    I'm using an older monitor, and when I type "startx" load the desktop but my screen shakes contantly because the Hz by default.

    I know is because the Hz because got the same problem in winxp then I just change the hz and all fix.

    my question is ... how can I change hz to 70 or 72 ??

    I try xorg.conf but the file is empty. since I have bt4 beta in livecd mode can't install stuff for fix.


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    Go back to Windows.

    You been told before to search, and now you're crossposting. Let us hope that a Mod tosses your ass out until you learn to seach and follow the rules.
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    Dude, you need to utilize google. It's a powerful tool. This is not a hard find - it took me under a minute to find the answer with an appropriate search.

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