Ive been searching but seems like nobody has been stupid enough to ask this yet.

If i set up a WEP encrypted router with a pretty good range, when i know that my neighborhood is kinda full of wep hackers and such, let them surf the internet and monitor their moves, finding out who they are, is this illegal? Since its "my property"? Or does this apply inside the property which my house is built on? Same as i can install IP cameras on my property, as long as im not targeting sum1elses house.
Im not sure but i think you will have to put up signs about the cameras.

I know ive been attacked by someone before i changed to wpa2.

This will maybe be a long shot but if you act like a threat here in Sweden, and trespass on others property they who own the property has the right to defend theirself (its a very big chance im misstaking myself) but i interpet the law so that the "hackers" is a security risk. So i was thinking of what the law really is saying about WiFi networks?

Maybe you could forward them to a Disclaimer webpage that states that you could be exposed to hackerattempts if you surf/hack this router rofl

I would appreciate if you dont bite my head off, nothing wrong in asking.

Cheers, and looking forward for some hopefully insightsfull answers!
(Im sorry if i dont spell that good, doing my best tough)